Other Home Safety Facts

Does the ladder work for buildings with more than two stories?

No, the First Alert Two Story Escape Ladder was designed for homes with two stories. Do not attempt to use this escape ladder on a floor that exceeds the second.

Can more than one person use the ladder at the same time?

No, the escape ladder was not designed to support more than one person at a time.

Can we use this ladder on any type of window?

No, the window must first be proven structurally safe for the intended load. Recommended use includes storm windows or other windows that do not open to the following dimensions of 20 in. wide and 32 in. high. Windowsills must be measure between 6 in. wide and 10 in. high. Intended window for use should be free of obstacles such as furniture, radiators, air conditioning units and security devices ie. grilles or bars. Homeowners should also be aware of their external surroundings. Be sure to check for electric lines, telephone wires and fences.

Where is a good location to store the ladder?

A First Alert Escape Ladder should be conveniently located near the intended exit window. Locations could include the space under a bed or area in a closet. You should also be mindful of the ladder's functionality. Check for any loosening of items or deterioration of construction.

Can the ladder be hooked onto objects other than windowsills?

No, the escape ladder is intended solely for a windowsill that features the aforementioned measurements. Avoid gutters, siding or any other interior/exterior fixture that doesn't provide a safe foundation for proper use.

Does this ladder meet my local fire codes?

No, this fire escape ladder does not meet your local codes as a primary means of exiting multi-family dwellings. This safety ladder was not intended to replace fire escapes in multi-family residences, institutions or rental properties. The First Alert Two Story Escape Ladder was designed to provide an additional means of escape to support a primary exit.